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It is very difficult for the foreign students to cope up with the various situations while staying in japan. Foreign students face various problems during their dwelling in japan such as problems related to the educational Institute, job place, law related problems and many other. I realized the foregn students go through many sufferings of which they can not find any proper solution and live their life with pain. From this realization I thought I should do something for the foreign students as a Japanese citizen. Therefore I came with the idea of this company which main goal is to help out the foreign students and show them proper guideline. I have assigned many employees and experts in this company who work dedicatedly to provide support to the students. So do not hesitate any more contact us and get rid of all of your problems to make a successful career.


We would like to provide the best support in the whole country.

welcome to bangladesh support association

This is a japanese company Ltd. which was created by our honorale chairman Mr. Tagashira Kauzunori who is also in charge many company Ltd. in japan. As this is a japanese company ldt. and run by many expert employees and professionals the problems of the students are solved properly and diligently. Our company has collaboration with many educational institutions, companies, organizations and with the government authorities also.



Our goal is to support people of South Asia who are living in japan

Please do not hesitate to contact us and consult with us if you are in Problem

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