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Bank Name : JP Bank

Account Name : Bangladesh Shien kyokai

Account Number : 15100-57809961

Bank Name : JP Bank

Branch Name : Fukuyama shi/518 (ゴイチハチ)

Account Name : Bangladesh Shien kyokai

Account Number : 5780996

Terms And Condition


Bangladesh Support Association

Membership Agreement


Members of the Bangladesh Support Association (hereinafter called the “Support Association”). Members Agreements (hereinafter called “Agreements”) as follows: and pay the membership fee and monthly membership fee stipulated by the support association in order to receive the support service provided by the support association.

Chapter 1 General Rules
(Purpose of the contract)
Article 1 This Agreement will provide school introduction, lawyer referrals, housing support, various insurance support, remittance support, and employment support, etc., as a life support for Bangladeshi people who are living in Japan or will come to Japan in the future.
 (Contract period)
Article 2 The term of this agreement is one year.
2. If the Member does not contact the support association to terminate this Agreement at least one month prior to the expiration date of the contract term set forth in the previous paragraph, this Agreement will be renewed. In addition, the same will be true for renewals due to the expiration of the contract term in the future. (Consultation and assistance)
Article 3 The Support Association will always strive to accurately grasp the mental and physical condition of its members, their environment, etc., respond appropriately to member consultations, and provide necessary advice and other support.
Chapter 3 Obligations of the Support Association
(Support Association’s Attitude)
Article 6 The Support Association s will respect the dignity of its members as human beings, comply with the laws and the rules established by the Support Association, and fulfill its obligations as a support association.
(Obligations of the Support Association)
Article 7 In providing services, the Support Association will take into consideration the safety and security of members’ lives, bodies, and property.
2. The Support Association will make a record, etc. of the provision of support services to members and store them in accordance with the document handling regulations stipulated by the Support Association.
3. The Support Association will give full consideration to the protection of the privacy of Its members.
4 .The Support Association will be obliged not to disclose the personal information of the Member or his/her family to any other person, except for justifiable grounds.
5. The Support Association will take necessary measures to prevent the disclosure of personal information of members or their families who have come to know while in office after the retirement of their employees.
 Chapter 4 Termination of Contracts
(Reasons for termination of the contract)
Article 8 This agreement will be terminated if the member or the support association falls under any of the following items.
(1) When a member dies.
(2) When the Support Association goes bankrupt or is dissolved for unavoidable reasons.
(Cancellation from members)
Article 9 A Member may terminate this Agreement by notifying the Support Association in documents, etc. for a notice period of 30 days or more, including the date from the date on which he/she intends to cancel. Provided, however, that this Agreement may be terminated immediately by notifying the Company in documents, etc. in any of the following cases:
(1) If the Support Association does not provide support services without justifiable grounds.
(2) When the Support Association violates the confidentiality obligations set out in Articles 7, 4 and 5.
(3) When the Support Association intentionally or negligently damages the trust, etc. of the Member, or if there is a significant mistrust, or other serious circumstances that make it difficult to continue this Agreement are recognized.
 (Cancellation of contract from the support association)
Article 10 If there is a justifiable reason for termination, the Support Association may terminate this Agreement by notifying the Agreement in documents, etc. with a notice period of at least 30 days, including the date of termination. However, if a Member is in arrears for more than three months of the fees to be paid to the Support Association and has set a time limit and has been demanded, but is not paid by that deadline, he/she may terminate this Agreement immediately by notifying him/her in documents, etc.

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